Upper Zambezi Canoeing

Paddle to a Powerful Beat

Victoria Falls canoeing company operates and runs canoeing trips in the Zambezi national park above the Victoria Falls. These safaris range from one day trips to three days two nights’ trips. Tents and food is provided for camping trips, with back up camping safari staff, we use two man stand in dome tents, mattresses, sleeping bags and liners . We take a minimum of two people and maximum of 12 people ( special arrangements can be made for larger groups upon request)

Zambezi Adventure Itinerary

Guests are picked up from their respective place of stay between 07:00am to 07:30 . A short briefing will then be given to help guests understand what the trip entails. Drive to the Zambezi National Park gate for park fees payment. And a hour drive to the launch site through the Zambezi national park . Animals seen on these trips usually include waterbuck , buffalos , hippo , elephant , crocodile , zebra , giraffe ,bush back and cats though rarely seen but certainly in the area . Upon arrival at the launch site tea and coffee is served with a continental breakfast .Safety talk and demonstration on how to paddle an inflatable canoe will be given. Then paddling through some scenic channels until stop for lunch . Lunch consist of salads , rice, pasta, chicken or beef ,bread & butter . Beers , soft drinks included. After lunch we pack and a short drive back into town arriving around 13:30pm to 14:00

What to Bring

Lazily Float Down the Upper Zambezi River

Exploring the Scenic Upper Zambezi River: A Raft Float Adventure

The Upper Zambezi River is a beautiful place for a raft float, with stunning vegetation such as ebonies, water berries, palms and a tremendous variety of acacia and Albizia.

The Raft Float route whilst operated in Zimbabwe passes through national Park located in Zambia, and the pristine bush land of Zambia where there is a possibility of chances to see game such as elephant, giraffe ,zebras and water buck and numerous birdlife. While on the river safety is our major concern, a full safety briefing is given before the safari commences, paddle training is given on dry land and then perfected on the river.

The guide is always accompanied by a trainee/paddler, a comprehensive first aid kit and communications equipment is always carried.


Overnight Camping

Two Days, Two Nights

Three Days, Two Nights

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Safety & Security

We want our guests to have the time of their lives. We want them to experience a world like no other, to tick off their bucket lists, to create memories to share and stories to tell for years to come. But more than this, we want them to be – and feel – safe and secure from minute one.

It’s why we’re pretty much obsessed with safety and continually look for new ways to build on our safe practices. Some might call it pedantic, we call it the foundation of everything we do.

Public Liability

Both staff and passengers, whether in vehicle or on the river, are registered with Ace and Ambulance (Medical Air Rescue Services), which provides 24-hour road and air cover. In case of incident on the river, they are always on standby with ambulances and helicopters for fast evacuation to the nearest private hospital. We are also members of the following associations: Zimbabwe National Parks & Wildlife Africa’s Eden and Zimbabwe Tourism Authority

Our company is insured both nationally and internationally. Our activities are all covered by a Public Liability Insurance Policy with ZENITH South Africa


About Us

Our Founder

Victoria Falls Canoeing Company is the legacy of Misheck Ngwenya, a renowned river guide in Zimbabwe who was affectionately called “Shacks” by his peers. He founded the company with a passion for sharing the beauty and thrill of the upper Zambezi river and the majestic Victoria Falls with his guests. Sadly, he passed away unexpectedly in 2019, leaving behind his wife and son Prince, who now carry on his vision and spirit – offering exceptional canoeing and guiding experiences for visitors from all over the world.

Why Book With Us

We Love Africa

Our mission, purpose is to create authentic African experience that connects you with with nature like never before

Conservation Travel

We do not separate ourselves from a conservation company. Our safaris are sustainable, with minimal impact on the environment

Overall Responsible Tourism

The operation of our business will always be a credit to Zimbabwe. Priority will always be given to the wildlife & habitat, which we cherish and rely upon.


Happy Clients

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Had a wonderful half day canoe trip. Everything provided, safe but still exciting with hippos and crocs to watch for! Excellent staff and tasty breakfast and lunch included!
Alyse W
Alyse W
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We had a great time with Lloyd on the Zambezi River! We got to spot some hippo and throughly enjoyed seeing the river and wildlife from a different perspective. We are both active people and found the
Aaron McIntosh
Aaron McIntosh
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We were well taken care of and got to experience beautiful Africa along the the Zambezi River. Very professional staff! They did a great job making sure we had a great time. Looking forward to anoth
Beth Clifford Wilson
Beth Clifford Wilson
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We had a wonderful day with this excursion! Game drive, breakfast in the bush, rafting trip and lunch prepared for us in the bush., with Zambezi beer! Everything was top notch. This is a must do in Vi

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